A Goethean Schooling in Craniosacral Therapy

Initiatory Training Modules for those with a Call to Heal

This is a new initiative offering a unique series of Modules which will teach the foundations of Craniosacral Therapy to beginners through an understanding of Goethean and Spiritual Science, while offering experienced practitioners a way to deepen and take their work on to a whole new level.

Jonathan shares his teaching of healing, natural medicine and spiritual studies developed over a lifetime and condensed in this course.

Our Study : Where esoteric and exoteric physiology meet.

Our Experience : Where consciousness meets the life forces

Our Practice : Where awareness and touch source healing

The course material includes theory and practice of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy while using participatory science modalities inspired by Goethean Science to re-discover our relationship with our world and understanding of our humanity.

To understand the nature of health and illness we need to study the Spiritual Science which underlies the phenomena of Natural Science. This foundation course is a beginning in uncovering the connection of body, consciousness and spirituality and how to use this knowledge for healing.

Please email to express an interest and learn more. Module 1 is available to book. Modules 2-5 are in progress.

Module 1

5 Days – Monday to Friday Autumn 2020 tbc


First Principles – Theory and Practice

Interconnectedness with Creation and Emergence of Forms:

  • CST : An evolving art – its osteopathic roots and its inspiring possibilities
  • Having humility in the face of the Mystery
  • Gravity, Levity and Rhythm
  • Relationship between the forces of the Centre and the forces of the Periphery
  • Dynamic morphology
  • Learning and practising creatively.
  • The healing craft as creative art; individually and as community
  • Formative forces
  • The 3-fold human and Spagyric healing.
  • The 4 levels of manifestation
  • Plant study, embryology/embryosophy
  • Origins and The Long Tide
  • Practical Skills for this Level

Module 2

Incarnating the Soul Forces of the Will

The grounding of the Body - our early child body (age 0-7)

  • Hidden organs of digestion and the expression of the limbs
  • Formation of the Mid-Tide and Consciousness of the Organs
  • Shaping by the world. Intuition.
  • Tribal/Family consciousness and the dark will
  • The 4th Ventricle
  • Will forces through the 4 levels of manifestation
  • Introduction to Integral Awareness
  • Foundations of Shadow work
  • Practical skills for this level

Module 3

Incarnating the Soul Forces of the Feelings

Establishing Temperament

– from change of teeth: our late child body (age 7-12/14)

  • Habits, Conscience, Character and Temperament
  • Heart, Lungs and Circulation, Lymphatics and Fluids
  • The gesture of rhythm in the whole body. Inspiration.
  • Autonomy vs Desire for Belonging
  • Authenticity, Connection and Community
  • The ether body as a continuous source of health and Anabolism
  • Practical skills for this level

Module 4

Incarnating the Soul Forces of Thinking

– the trigger of puberty (age 12/14-21)

  • The Brain and Spinal cord, Pituitary and Endocrine glands
  • Waking and Sleeping. The temple sleep.
  • Rescuing the Creative Imagination.
  • The astral body; Consciousness and Catabolism
  • The 3rd Ventricle
  • Practical skills for this Level

Module 5

Liberation of the ‘I’ (the key of the door age 21+)

  • The full embodiment of the I-organisation.
  • Consciousness, Integration and responsibility.
  • Spiritual adulthood.
  • Descent of the heart and Personal destiny.
  • Fulfilment of the embryo
  • Biography work
  • Practical skills for this level