Osteopathy in Pregnancy

Freeing your Health in Pregnancy

The journey to motherhood starts from the moment you realise you are pregnant and Osteopathy is perfectly safe at all stages of pregnancy. Your body starts to go through some amazing and rapid changes and your body has to adapt to these changes in a very short period of time.

Through very gentle Osteopathic and Craniosacral techniques we can help by releasing strain in the tissue as it moves and adapts to these changes.

From early stages of discomfort to acute back ache or pelvic pain in the later stages, osteopathy can make your pregnancy journey much more comfortable and affirming.

A post-natal check for you and your baby can be of great use to both of you as we help your baby unwind and help your body by rebalancing your pelvis and easing strained tissue. Not to mention the new strains of breast feeding and sleepless nights!

The symptoms below are common in pregnancy and are often the cause of tension in the tissues:

  • Heartburn
  • Back ache
  • Neck ache
  • Headache
  • Sciatica
  • Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction
  • Also if the pelvis is rotated labour can be more difficult if the baby is not lying correctly. Osteopaths don’t force babies to turn but we do release tension in the pelvis, abdomen and uterus which can give the baby more space to naturally move itself as birth approaches.

Jonathan has many decades of experience treating mothers and babies with very gentle Cranial Osteopathy and Craniosacral techniques. Having established his skills when working as a volunteer at the Osteopathic Centre for Children when it was on Harley Street in London, he went on to treat hundreds of pregnant mums and their new borns when in his busy practice in Prestwich, Manchester. He received continual recommendations from midwives and from a highly respected Jewish doula in the area.

Parents who have had treatment during pregnancy usually come back when they are pregnant again, both for themselves and for their next little one.